Welcome at the Maine Coon Cattery HispanoCoon

I adore all animals and specially big felines. If it was possible to have wild cats, I would surely have some tigers, panthers or pumas running around my flat. Since that is impossible, I dedicate myself to breed panthers, tigers and pumas in miniature, that is, my beloved "Maine Coon" cats. In 1989 I bought my first Maine Coon cat.

It took me some years to acquire the necessary experience to take on the responsibility of running a Maine Coon cattery. The first years have not been precisely a bed of roses; apart from a lot of happy moments and positive things, there have been disappointments and some less pleasant experiences. I've learned a lot from those, both about cats and about human beings.

I have always had a clear idea about my priorities and consequently my effort: quality over quantity. Many years have passed and today I am satisfied with the quality of my few Maine Coon cats. 

 If my cats have awakened your curiosity, or if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.